Traditional pipe support

1-Bolt support

The benefits of using 1-bolt supports compared the traditional supports.

Assembly easier, faster, safer and cheaper
The traditional pipe support has six different parts; the clamp with bar, bare clamp, two bolts and two nuts. Whereas our 1-bolt support has only two parts. The clamp with bar and riveted nut, which has been pressed to the clamp. The second part is the bare clamp, in which the bolt has been attached with a plastic tightening washer. Therefore the 1-bolt supports are superior to install in every way compared to traditional supports. We have made simple tests just by taking apart the pieces and then putting them back together. In that ideal situation the assembly time with 1-bolt clamp is about 30 seconds faster. In modern cruise ship there goes around 100 000 corresponding pipe supports. That makes the timesaving in assembly over 100 working days in ideal assembly conditions. You can just imagine the saved time in harsh, tight and dark assembly environments, which are typical for these products in shipbuilding.

Other assembly benefits
In our 1-bolt supports the bar is usually welded in 45° (as shown in picture 2). That allows the assembly of two pipelines closer to each other. That also helps the mounting of clamps, because it brings the bolts more convenient position for the assembler.

Our 1-bolt support is a bit lighter (in most cases).
The modern cruise ships has grown bigger and bigger over the years and as you are aware of the weight is more and more under monitoring. 1-bolt support is lighter, but still strong enough for most installation cases.

Other benefits
The 1-bolt support is usually rilsan -coated. That is a 100 % natural product – a powder (polyamide 11), which in production is melted in the surface of clamps.
The rilsan -coating itself gives a wide range of benefits compared to other surface coatings. (Benefits in the attached pdf -leaflet). However the supports are of course surface coated according to customer’s requests.

In addition the looks of 1-bolt support is esthetically more pleasing.

Some examples