We manufacture for example SFS standards industrial pipe clamps and supports from all kinds of  raw materials. In addition to our standard products, we custom manufacture products to our client's drawings and specifications, including surfacing and insulation.


  • S235JR
  • AISI316
  • AISI304
  • Al
  • hot dip galvanized steel

Examples of standard solutions

SFS 5366 light lug

SFS 5367 heavy lug
SFS 5369 U-bolt

SFS 5370 Pipe clamp A DN10-500

SFS 5371 Pipe clamp B DN10-500
SFS 5372 Pipe clamp C DN 600-1200
SFS 5856 Pipe clamp D DN10-1200
SFS 5857 Pipe clamp E DN10-1200

SFS 5373 pipe slide, low, DN 10-150

SFS 5374 pipe slide, low, DN 200-500
SFS 5375 pipe slide, low, DN 600-1200
SFS 5376 pipe slide, high 300 C DN10-150

SFS 5377 pipe slide, high 300 C DN200-500
SFS 5378 pipe slide, high 300 C DN600-1200
SFS 5858 pipe slide, high 480 C, DN10-150
SFS 5859 pipe slide, high 480 C, DN200-500
SFS 5860 pipe slide, high 480 C, DN600-1200
SFS 5379 welded pipe slide, DN20-500
SFS 5380 pipe hangers. Types