We manufacture for example TES and DIN standards industrial pipe clamps and supports from all kinds of  raw materials. In addition to our standard products, we custom manufacture products to our client's drawings and specifications, including surfacing and insulation.

Some examples

Pipe clamp TES8168

Pipe clamp with bar

Primer coated

Rilsan coated

Hot dip galvanized

Pipe clamp with angle bar
Pipe clamps with U-bar

1-bolt clamp for Blücher pipe D 50, D75, D110 and D160

Rilsan coated

Hot dip galvanized

1 –bolt clamp for Armafix insulation block

FX-2  series (13 mm)

FX-4 (3) (19 mm)

FX-6 (32 mm)

2-bolt clamp for Armafix insulation block

1 –bolt clamp for plastic pipe (GF)


D20 - D120
D140 and D160
1 –bolt clamp for Springler pipe

Rubber insulated clamp

Bar for rubber insulated clamp

5 x 20, L= 150

5 x 20, L=300

Pipe clamp for pneumatic pipe

Examples of electrical and cable clamps, ask more.

Electrical clamp JM16.1.1

Cable clamp K1.1, D13

Electrical clamp JM20.3.2

Spiro support

5 X 25, L=150

5 X 25, L=300

Ventilation ducts, suspension clamps

Bar for suspension clamp


Fitting peace

Fastening ring

Clamp for draining pipes


Pipe clamp with bar for Loro/Blücher-pipe

Pipe clamp DIN86026-1

Clamp with flat bar, DIN86026-1

Clamp with angle bar, DIN86026-1



Examples of other pipe clamp solutions made for shipbuilding industry

Wall clamp for Blücher pipe

Clamp with bended bar

Ledded (Pd) clamp with bended bar

Examples of different kinds of Blücher and Sringler pipe clamps